Thiess acquired full ownership of Silcar in 2013.

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Silcar designs, constructs, operates, manages and maintains critical infrastructure assets

We specialise in servicing a wide range of clients who have communications, energy, and plant and equipment needs.

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How and where we work

2006 to present

National Infrastructure & Facilities Management

Client: Telstra
Location: Australia-wide
Project Scope: Provision of maintenance and operations support capability to Telstra assets Australia-wide, including supporting buildings, telephone exchanges, satellite tracking stations, mobile base stations, backup battery supplies and remote telecommunications equipment.

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May 2002 - Continuing

Yallourn Mine

Client: RTL (an unincorporated joint venture between Roche Mining Pty Ltd, Thiess Pty Ltd and Linfox Resources Pty Ltd)
Location: Yallourn North Victoria (Latrobe Valley)
Project Scope: A maintenance alliance to provide asset management and site management covering total controllable expenditure and capital expenditure associated with the asset management of all EnergyAustralia coal assets, overburden assets and High Voltage electrical assets to the top of the Raw Coal Bunker.

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April 2010 to May 2011

Armidale NBN

Client: NBN Co
Location: Armidale, NSW
Project Scope: Design and construction of the Armidale First Release site (FRS) for NBN Co. as part of the NBN Rollout. This involved designing (and redesigning for scope changes) and then constructing three Fibre Serving Area Modules (FSAMs) spread across one quarter of Armidale township and the University of New England (UNE) residential and academic campuses.

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December 2011 - ongoing

Koniambo Power Station

Client: Koniambo Nickel SAS / Xstrata Nickel
Location: Kone, Northern New Caledonia
Project Scope: Operation and maintenance of a modern 350 MW Greenfield power station that will supply power to a pyrometallurgical plant expected to produce 60,000 tonnes of nickel per annum. The contract also includes training and upskilling of the local workforce.

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Silcar Academy

Silcar Academy

The Silcar Academy provides a centralised strategic focus for all Silcar learning and development activities. The key objective of the Academy is to enhance Silcar’s in-house resource capability and offer value to employees from a development and career management perspective.

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Safety at Silcar

Safety at Silcar

At Silcar safety is paramount. Each Silcar operation works with safety systems that have been specifically developed for the industry and often specific to a locality where we are required to operate in accordance with specific client safety systems.

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